Quintuplet Facts

Earliest Quint Births

A Univ. Michigan student encountered an entry recording the birth of quintuplets to an unnamed woman in 999. The reference is the Annales Ottenburani SA 999, in MGH Scriptores V: 4 or 5.

Before the Dionne's the world record for a surviving quint had been 55 days, one of 5 babies born to a mother in Lisbon, Portugal in 1866. I read a stat about a set of all boy quints born in Canada to the Dewval family in 1834, it stated one died, but never followed up on if the others survived or not. (I suspect not, if the Portugal set is the longest to survive before the Dionne's).

First US Set

The first born in the US that I could find were the Kanouse quints of Wisconsin, born in 1875. The five boys all died shortly after birth.

First Set To Survive

The first set of surviving quints are the identical Dionne's of Canada, Annette Lillianna Marie, Yvonne Edouilda Marie, Cécile Marie Emilda, Marie Rein Alma and Émilie Marie Jeanne, born May 28 1934 in Ontario, Canada. Their mother had 8 other children (5 surviving). They were wards of the province and became the biggest attraction in Ontario, housed in a hospital with a viewing area for the public. Annette and Cécile survive today. Émilie died of suffocation as the result of an epileptic seizure on August 6 1954, Marie died from a stroke in 1970, and Yvonne died of cancer June 23 2001. Cécile married and had 4 boys (one set of twins) and 1 girl, Annette married and had 3 boys and Marie married and had 2 girls. Yvonne remained single. The two surviving sisters live outside of Montreal.

Identical Quintuplets

The Dionne's of Canada were the first and only identical set of quintuplets to survive.

A Toronto geneticist, Dr. Norma Ford, studied 53 authenticated cases of quintuplets born in the three centuries before the Dionne's and found only two other cases of identical quintuplets. One set was the Waddington quints, 5 girls born April 25 1786. Three were stillborn and 2 died shortly after birth. They were preserved "in spirits" which is how Dr. Ford established monozygosity.

Next Sets to Survive

The Diligentis consist of two boys and three girls (Maria Ester, Maria Fernanda, Maria Christina, Carlos Alberto and Franco) and were born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 15 1943, the second set to survive. They are fraternal quints. They were followed by the Prieto quints of Venezuela (Mario, Fernando, Otto, Robinson and Juan Jose) September 7 1963 (5 boys) and the Fischer's on September 14 1963, all without fertility drugs.

First US Quints To Survive

The first set of quintuplets born in the United States to survive were the Fischer quintuplets of Aberdeen, South Dakota, born September 14, 1963. They were spontaneously occuring quints named James Andrew (Jimmy), Mary Magdalene (Maggie), Mary Margaret (Margie), Mary Anne and Mary Catherine. 2 are identical.

First Quints From Fertility Drugs

The first set of quints born by fertility drugs were the Lawson quints of New Zealand on July 27 1965 (4 girls, 1 boy) Samuel Christian Clayton, Deborah Ann, Lisa Gay, Shirlene Jan, and Selina Joy.

World's First IVF Quints

The first test tube (IVF) quints in the world are Alan, Brett, Connor, Douglas and Edward Jacobssen of England (now Australia), born April 26, 1985.
The L'Esperance quints (Alexandria, Danielle, Erica, Veronica, and Raymond) of Michigan in January 1988, were the USA's first test tube quints.
Canada's first test-tube (IVF) quints are Maxine, Remington, Willie, Lance and Wade Collier born in 1988.
The Cestari quints are the first IVF set in Venezuela, born in 1998.
An unidentified set was the first born in China from IVF in April 2000.

All Male Quints

There have been 20 sets on all male quints ever born, and there are only 6 living sets (possibly 8):
The Glasel's from Israel (Ziv, Ron, Shay, Dor and Oz) born in 1982, the Ribero/Gil set born in Spain in 1983 (Agustin, Luis, Juan, Francisco, Fermin), the Jacobssen's born in England in 1985, the Guttensohn's born in 1996, the Dourthe set from Chile born in 1996 with 2 identical, and the Wells' born in 1999. The 7th set may be a set born in Saudi Arabia in February 1999, but I don't think all 5 survived since they said a set born in 2001 was the 1st set. The 8th set may be the Hernandez/Torres set from Mexico, born in 1993. In addition, there is also a set of 5 surviving male sextuplets, the Alexandros set, who live in California.

The first set of all male quints born in the US (4 surviving) in over 90 years, were the Lineberger quints. Hunter Christian, Joshua Talbot, Benjamin Kirk, Charles Lucas and Zachary Quentin were born March 6 1995 in Georgia. Zachary was stillborn. A 20 year old mother in 1936 had given birth to 5 boys previously.

In the US, there are two living sets of all male quints. The Guttensohn's (Mason Fielder 2lbs 14ozs, Eric Tanner 2lbs 9ozs, Hunter Christian 2lbs 12oz), Parker Allen 2lbs 9.5ozs, and Taylor James 2lbs 2.5ozs) were born August 8th 1996. Two of the boys (Hunter and Parker) are identical. The Wells family of Texas had Jantzen, Briley, Zachary, Landen and Jaden December 14 1999.

Other All Male Quints In History

*Dewval quints in Canada Dec 17 1834. One boy didn't survive, there was no follow up on whether the other 4 did. It stated the Mrs. Dewval had all girl quadruplets 18 months earlier.
*The Kanouse quints, 5 boys born in 1875 in Wisconsin, with none surviving.
*The Lyons quints (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul) , born in Kentucky in 1896, but none survived.
*An unidentified set was born in Sudan on September 20 1948. No word on how many survived.
*Another set was born in Argentina in the 1950's.
*The Prieto's in Venezuela, born September 14 1963 (one of the boys died in the 1980's or 90's).
*A set was born in Australia in 1986 (note this may be the Jacobssen's as they now live there).
*The Adams quints, all boys born in West Virginia with 4 surviving.
*The Maisel quints were born in Arizona April 15 1989 named Michael, Matthew, Nicholas, Anthony, Gregory, but none survived.
*The Cestari's were born in Venezuela November 21 1998 (Samuel, Fabricio (d), Jose-Alejandro, Jesus, Jose-Francisco) have 4 surviving.
*The Leijohufvud's of Sweden were born November 19 1994, named Amadeus, Titus, Julius, Lucas & Olivier. Olivier died at birth and Lucas died at 1 month.

All Female Quints

There are only 14 proven sets of all female quintuplets, only 2 sets where all five survived: the Dionne's born in 1934, and the Hanson's (Julie, Nicola, Joanne, Sarah, Jacqueline) born in 1969. The Hanson's are currently the only set with all 5 living, although there may be 2 living sets in Italy (Ganci's and an unnamed set).

Other All Female Quints In History

*The Waddington's had 5 girls in 1786, all of which were stillborn or died shortly after birth. They were all identical.
*An identified set born in Washington DC to an African American mother in 1945.
*Another unidentified set in 1946 to a Florida woman.
*One unidentified set was born in Texas in the 1950's, none surviving.
*The Kamalammal set of India born in 1953, in which none survived.
*The Ortiz's in 1967 (4 surviving).
*The Graser's (Amy Sue, Leslie Ann survive, Kelly Jo (d) ) in 1984 in Pennsylvania.
*The Jenkins (Kindrea (d), Kelly (d), Kara, Kallie, Kaylin) of Nevada born in 1987 without fertility drugs (3 survive).
*The Gambino's (Alyssa (d), Dana, Natalie (d), Michelle, Marie) born April 22 1989.
*The Garrido's were born in Chile, October 28 1994 with none surviving.
*The Ganci/Itagliati's born October 1996 in Italy.
*An unidentified set born July 1999 in Italy, named Sara, Beatrice, Benedetta, Arianna, and Martine.

First Set of African American Quints To Survive

The first African-American quintuplets to survive are the Gaither quints (Joshua, Rhealyn, Brandon, Ashlee, Renee) born in Indiana August 3 1983.

Quints Without Fertility Drugs

Only 16 sets of quintuplets have been born without fertility methods, 5 in the USA. The Anderson (1973) quints of Washington were conceived without fertility drugs, as were the Fischer (1963) quints, Gaither (1983) quints, the Jenkins (1987) quints and the Simunich (1988) quints. In the world, the Dionne's (1934), Tukutese (1966), Braham (1967), Bostock's (1972), Daubshe (1997), Chin (1997), Cataldo (1997), and the Loughran (2002) sets were born without fertility drugs. I've heard that the Nader (1985) quints of Illinois, none of which survived, were also spontaneously conceived, as were the Laverack (1992) set from Australia and a set born in Indonesia in 2002.

Heaviest Quint Birth Weight

There are two sets of heaviest quints, each set weighed a total of 25lbs at birth. They were born June 7 1953 to Mrs. Saulian of China, and December 30 1956 to Mrs. Kamalammal of India (none survived). Each baby would've been about 5lbs.

The highest total birth weight for USA born quints is for Wilson quintuplets born July 2003, (Joshua (5lbs 3ozs), Zachary (4lbs 11ozs), Dillon (3lbs 15ozs), Dalton (4lbs 5ozs) and Madison (3lbs 12ozs)) who totalled over 22lbs. The Bova quints totalled 20lbs 14ozs at their birth on February 28 2001.

The highest birth weight for a single quintuplet baby is Joshua Wilson at 5lbs 3ozs.

Youngest Mother of Quints

The youngest I've found is the mother of the Davis quints of Texas, who was 20 at the time of their birth. An unidentified mother from North Carolina had 5 boys in 1936, no info on how many survived.

Most Sets

I have found only one case of a woman having more than one set of quintuplets. A woman in Malawi, Africa had 1 set of twins, 1 set of triplets, 2 sets of quintuplets and 1 set of sextuplets by 1961. 7 out of 10 children from 7 pregnancies were alive in 1961.

Longest Gestation

The longest quint gestation that I've been able to find is 35 weeks, 2 days to the Stanford family of Rhode Island, who had that states first quints October 18 1999. One (a girl) was stillborn. The Wilson quints were born at 34 1/2 weeks.

Quints in Other Countries

The United States has approximately 104 (give or take a few) sets of living quintuplets.
The United Kingdom has 23 sets (12 in England, 1 in Northern Ireland, 2 in Scotland, and 8 sets listed as just UK).
France has 16 sets, with 14 surviving, and 1 set born there from another country.
Italy has 12 sets.
Canada has 12 sets of quints, with 5 currently surviving.
Argentina has 11 sets, with 9 surviving.
China has 11 sets, with 8 surviving.
Germany has 11 sets, 7 or 8 sets surviving.
Australia has 9 sets of quints, with 5 surviving.
Mexico has 9 sets, and 3 were born in the USA.
Chile has 8 sets, 4 sets surviving.
Spain has 8 sets.
Japan has 8 sets.
Poland has 7 sets.
Israel has 7 sets (one of those a set from Russia born there).
Brazil has 9 sets, with 5 surviving.
Saudi Arabia has 5 sets.
India has 5 sets, 2 surviving and a 6th set born in another country.
South Africa has 5 sets.
Venezuela has 3 sets with only 1 complete set with all 5 living.
Indonesia has 3 sets.
Egypt has 3 sets.
Portugal has 3 sets.
Malaysia has 3 sets, 2 surviving.
Ireland has 2 sets, with 1 surviving (Cassidy).
Russia has 2 sets (but one was born in Israel).
Sweden has 2 sets.
Singapore has 2 sets.

Credit for the information on this page given to: Jen Cassidy.